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Automatic Cloth Washing Filter Press

These Filter Presses are highly sophisticated technologically advanced machines which are operated automatically through a PLC system and more recently via redundant PLC’s thus making the machine always available.

These machines have a mechanism which allows the washing of the filter cloth on the filter plates in an as it is position i.e. without undergoing the primitive way of removing all cloths from the plates just to wash them and then put them back.

This efficient, very fast washing time helps in improving the filtration efficiency by pressurised cleaning of the cloth thus enhancing the filter cloth life & a better cake discharge – all at the press of a button.

The process is automatically executed with the help of the plate shifter and the cloth wash header sprays water on the cloth – both sides of the plate - at about 30 bar; cleaning each chamber cloth one after the other.

The whole system of the cloth wash pump with motor, valves, tank & associated accessories is supplied by us thus providing a plug and play kind of solution for the customer.

Fully Automatic Side Shifter Filter Press (Sidebar Design )

Automatic operation done by a plate shifter device which automatically shifts one plate a time, creating enough gap between plates to enable the cake to fall down by gravity.

The other machine components like bomb door drip tray, double acting cylinder opening/closing, moving plate movement and likewise are all also controlled automatically through the powerpack via the PLC.

Provision of Safety Device like a light curtain adding to the operational enhancement of the machine.


No manual intervention of operators to pull open the plates thus reducing labour costs

Ensuring a fixed cycle time by eliminating dependency on the operators

High Operating availability and simpler operation

Higher configurations can be provided thus reducing footprint & at times the number of machines; as these are opened faster in very less times thus permitting more batches

Completely Automated Systems

Over the past few years the mode of operating filter presses has changed and many customers are shifting to completely automated and integrated systems. We provide filtration solutions wherein we supply the filter press machine with the feed pumps, valves & actuators, instruments and material handling systems like belt conveyors or screw conveyors. All these equipments are controlled through a single PLC automated system and operated via HMI’s or SCADA work station thus providing the client an integrated package solution. Having an in-house automation team of engineers helps providing the customer with personalised solutions.

Semi - Automatic / Manual Filter Press / Spares

For projects where costs are restrained, we offer semi-automatic machines where an operator has to manually pull open / traverse the plates for initiation of the cake discharge. The cylinder forwarding and reversing is done through the powerpack and the hydraulic pressure is maintained by manually locking the press through the mechanical lock nut. This type of operation, though cheaper, is more time consuming as it is operator controlled and depends on the availability and efficiency of the operators.

For lab scale/trial level projects, at times manual machines are preferred. There is no powerpack and all operations are done manually. The press is kept tightly closed by the means of a locking pin.

In addition to complete filter presses, we also supply spares related to the filter press system be it filter plates, filter cloth, hydraulic components and likewise.

Stainless Steel / Metallic Filter Presses

Pack Type Filter Presses mainly for Palm Oil Filtration