Filter Plate is the central lifeline of the filter press as this is where the filter cloth is laid over and where the actual filtration process happens. Having the right design of filter plates with a rigid construction is of utmost importance. We manufacture all the filter plates in-house from virgin Polypropylene raw material with the chemistry adapting to the process requirements. There is an in-house R & D team which is constantly working on improving the design and thus efficiency of the filtration process through the plates.

Recess Plates

Made from Polypropylene & sizes ranging from 355 x 355 mm to 2500 x 3000 mm, majorly centre feed with different stay boss designs for different applications.

The regular age-old Plate and Frame type of plates are also in our range of manufacturing for some applications which demand filter paper to be used as the filter media.

CGR – Caulked and Gasketted Recess Plates

These are recess plates with groves on the bearing surface in which a gasket fits. Below the gasket grove on the bearing surface itself, there is another grove in which the cloth is fitted through a chord. The gaskets of one plate seal onto the bearing surface of another thus providing a leak proof solution. Also since the cloth is fixed onto the plate through the grove, it does not extend onto the bearing surface at the bottom thus aiding to the leakproof design as minor seepages do not occur.

Membrane Plates

Similar to the recess plates in appearance, the membrane plates have a diaphragm which flexes and compresses the already formed cake. The advantages of using Membrane plates are :

  • Better dry solid content in the cake
  • Reduction in the wash water consumption
  • Reduced batch times
  • Improved washing results
  • Better cake discharge
  • Lesser load on the further drying system

In addition we also manufacture metallic plates of varying MOC’s like –

  • Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cast Iron
  • Steam Jacketed Plates
  • Which are generally used for high temperature viscous slurries where regular Polypropylene plates would not work.